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Modern kitchen space surprises the potential buyer

Modern kitchen space surprises the potential buyer
A contemporary, modern kitchen stands out from the middle, because there is always something exciting to experience and see. That could be a tightly designed cooking island, beautiful decorative kitchen tiles or – in recent years become very trendy – a luxury built-in wine fridge. 

A built-in wine fridge in the kitchen area is also called wine cooler  and offers a number of advantages. This increases the value of real estate. Houses with a kitchen / wine paradise are worth more because they have a more luxurious look which makes them better in the market.
Who chooses a built-in wine cabinet or a separate wine cabinet in the kitchen area, chooses elegance and style. A wine cabinet gives the kitchen space extra appeal and is a beautiful visual asset for the interior.

Wine cabinets are now also very energy-efficient. Energy label A or B is usually the rule rather than the exception. The owners do not have to be afraid of a high-energy bill.

Value increase of the home

Improving or renewing the kitchen yields an increase in value of more than 5%. When the current kitchen is quite dated, the appreciation of the house after placement of a brand new kitchen continues to grow for a number of years. When the potential buyers are also interested in wine, the value rises explosively.

Different styles and possibilities

With wine cabinets you can decorate various styles and interiors of an elegant Mediterranean Andalucian style, with a nostalgic-classic or a sleek modern look. Whatever the wishes are, the right model wine cabinet brings in all possible houses accented accents.

Wine cabinet for a modern interior

One of the wine cabinets that is built into modern interiors a lot, is the Wine Cabinet Premium with stainless steel glass door. This cabinet is aesthetically very beautiful, because it can be looked through the door and the wine bottles are visible through the glass. Put Bordeaux 75cl bottles in this cupboard and enjoy the beautiful image that the kitchen area gets with this wine cabinet type.




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