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Moving: 6 things to remember in anticipation of the big day

Posted by flat on February 2, 2019

Moving: 6 things to remember in anticipation of the big day

Preparations for your move are going well? To be sure you do not forget anything and make sure everything goes well when the big day comes, read our last-minute tips!

  1. Confirm the presence of people who will come to help you

Do you imagine if you had to find yourself alone to move? Inconceivable! Check to see if the good Samaritans who have agreed to help you are still available and schedule the day with them.

  1. Make sure you can park a truck in front of your future home

Parking in the city is sometimes rare! If you fail to reserve a location large enough for the truck in front of your new home, the move can turn into a nightmare!

  1. Prepare a toolbox

Before closing all your boxes, make sure you have some tools at hand that will be useful when moving. Keep at least one screwdriver of each shape, tape, tape measure, and hammer with you.

  1. Agree a date of availability for your new home

Check with the former occupant when he intends to leave the premises and agree on a time or place to exchange the keys. If both moves take place on the same day, you must know exactly when your new home will be available and prepare your schedule accordingly.

  1. Put the finishing touches on his preparations

Close each box with duct tape to avoid accidents and dismantle any furniture that you can transport to spare parts. Gather your belongings near the exit to speed up their transport.

  1. Check how to dispose of “monster” garbage

Do not let unpleasant surprises to future owners (or renters), discard (or sell) items that you do not intend to take with you in the move.

Take the trouble to check with the city what is the procedure for disposing large items and allow time to do it on the day of the move.



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