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How to find the ideal tenant

Posted by flat on January 21, 2019

How to find the ideal tenant?

Having a house or apartment for rent is an important return for the homeowner. The big worry is to find a reliable and solvent tenant. Indeed, everything depends on the location of your property and the type of tenant you are looking for.

The safest is to find your own tenant. There are several ways to find the ideal tenant. The basis is the quality of your property and the specificity of your ad. To encourage tenants to visit your home, it is important to write the ad and distribute it as much as possible.

Whether through a real estate agency or at your own initiative, the writing of the ad must be impeccable and attractive. After the ad is released, several selection criteria are in place to help you find a potential tenant.

Thus, to find a good tenant, it is essential to estimate the value of your property, do a market study, write your ads to attract customers, check the creditworthiness of the candidates, choose the right profile and appeal to professionals in case of difficulties.


Make good use of your real estate

To attract more people to your home, think first of all about adding value to your home. It does not require spending so much money or renovating everything. The important thing is that it is more welcoming. Your property should be nice at first sight. It is important that the color of the house both outdoors and indoors is attractive. The house must be clean. In short, it must show visitors that the local offers impeccable comfort.

In addition, if you have the budget to renovate your home, it is ideal to find a tenant faster. In addition, the renovations allow you to determine the amount of rent you want for the house. For this renovation, we must proceed as if you are going to live there.

In addition to the design, the fact that your house is furnished or not also plays an important role in its rental. If it is furnished, then the rent will be higher. Therefore, the furniture must be in good condition. Nevertheless, you must avoid unnecessary clutter.


Attract tenants

After having embellished your house, it would be beneficial for you to visit the rental apartments nearby to know the market. You must gather all the necessary information to get ahead of the competitors.

To encourage candidates to visit your home, internet is the essential way to give good visibility. For your ad, you can send photos of the house with concrete descriptions. There are also free rental management services online.

Social networks are also interesting for your advertising. For example on Facebook, there are private groups where people are looking for housing, or advertising on houses for sale or rent. Feel free to join these groups and publish your ad.

Therefore, for an online ad, please ensure that the photos you publish are real, that is, without editing or editing. Choose a good angle and lighting to give good quality to your images.

Apart from the announcement on the internet, the technique of word of mouth is also a very effective way for a house rental. Let your neighborhood know that your house is for rent. You can also put a “FOR RENT” sign with your phone number.

You can also make classified ads on paper where you can stick in all the neighborhood. You still have to be a strategist and post ads in busy places like supermarkets, schools, parks. In addition, you need permission to display ads in those places.


Inquire about the future tenant

During the visit of future tenants, the landlord must always be present. This will allow you to better know the tenant and to have a glimpse of the people who will rent your house. First, identify a respectful tenant who can take care of your home.

Get information on the number of people who will occupy the house. Then, try to know the person’s profession and his monthly salary to know if he will be able to pay the rent. In most cases, the landlord must demand that the income of the person or family be at least three times higher than the rent charged.

Try to have information about the tenant’s project. You have to know if he will rent your house. Will it stay in the long term, that is to say for an indefinite period? Or renting is only necessary for a limited time, for example if the tenant is on a mission or his house is being renovated. This plays an important role for your choice.


Choose a solvent tenant

A solvent and reliable person is the best tenant possible. To find out if your future tenant is solvent, do not hesitate to ask for the necessary documents to know who the person really is and what he does in life. Also claim the payslips of the last three months as well as his employment contract.

A file is always necessary in the case of a house rental. On the other hand, there are files that are strictly forbidden to claim such as the criminal record, the photo ID (except that which is on the ID), the copy of a statement of a bank account, medical records, and the divorce decree.

In addition, care should be taken when requesting copies of these documents. It is also necessary to claim the original documents to verify that the documents are identical. Then you can contact his employer to make sure that the person is in good condition in his job. All because presently, it is easy to falsify documents, but also to distinguish serious and curious tenants.

It must be thought that a solvent tenant is not necessarily reliable. Even with a contract of indefinite duration, the solvent tenant is not always safe from financial difficulties. He may one day be faced with problems such as a layoff or serious illness that will prevent him from working.

On this, a subscription to insurance for unpaid rent will be useful. You can also recommend a guarantor who will be willing to pay the rent in the event of a tenant default. This guarantor will then be in most cases a person closes to the tenant, a parent (s), family or friend. So, he must be able to intervene at any time, if the tenant can no longer pay. Or else you can also do as my former roommate who did not hesitate to predict online to pay a portion of the rent.


Use an intermediary

Sometimes the landlord does not have the time to take care of the process of renting his home or does not have the capacity to do so. As a result, calling on an expert might be the best solution. These professionals will take care of everything for you, but still under your conditions and agreements.

This will be the real estate agent who will draft and publish the rental announcement, then arrange the visits, sort the required candidates and finalize the lease between the landlord and the tenant. It is important to know that the agencies have a very efficient distribution network. Your advantage will be not to worry about the profile of the candidate and be serene that the broker will offer you the best candidate. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that you will be induced to spend more money. The owner will have to pay the fees of the agency which generally correspond to a month’s rent.

When you entrust the search for a tenant to a real estate agency, you are encouraged to choose between two types of mandates: the first is the simple mandate to entrust the rental of your real estate to several agencies. You can speed up your search, and have a lot of candidates. As a result, you will be spoiled for choice. Sometimes, agencies tend to push you to choose the rental for short periods. Indeed, this mandate may not give you a long-term vision.

The second term is the exclusive mandate. Your home is assigned to a single agency. This is the most used, simple and most secure mandate. In this case, the agency will focus on finding the ideal tenant.




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