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The 5 mistakes that prevent you from selling home

The 5 mistakes that prevent you from selling home

Do you want to sell house today?
So, let’s leave the talk ok! Does this seem like a good way to start? Well, I’ll tell you right away, I hate chitchat, I’d rather act!

Every day, in my work, I find myself talking to people who always have the same problems related to the sale of their home. It is for this reason that I decided to write this article, to give you some useful ideas, to help you reach your goal of selling your home today, despite the crisis …

The 5 prevalent errors not to be committed absolutely, if not goodbye dreams of glory we can summarize them in:

  1. Wrong selling price
    2. Do not prepare the house before proposing it
    3. Advertise the “Ancient” house
    4. Do not qualify the potential purchasers before she entering your home
    5. Do not attempt to close sales at the right moment.

But let’s go with order and start talking about the first and most important point, that is the right selling price … You have decided to sell a house because you want a bigger or smaller one or maybe because you need to transfer …

What’s now?
Pretend you’re looking for a home like yours and in your area! Why ?
Simple, who should buy, see 15/20 similar houses in the area that he likes and then based on his pockets, and guess what? Buy one that costs $ 1 less than the others! Strange? I would not say, even for you (and for me) it is so or not? The problem of when we are sellers is that we do not want to “sell”, we want to try something more because maybe “the lover” happens; our house is always better than all those in the neighborhood, so it is right to ask for something more, and then a ‘friend of the cousin of the lady above, three years ago sold to tot … I cannot sell unless!
Does all this sound familiar to you?
Unfortunately in this way you get a single result: help to sell your “competitor” seller in your area that has a similar house tat one dollar less.
Do I translate it?
He is happy because he has achieved his goal, You waste time and above all money, because in the meantime your house continues to devalue, as the trend of market prices continues to be on the downside!!

So I gave you a key reading on the price not to be wrong:
See the area prices for houses similar to yours, positioned “one dollar under” (of course, it is a euphemism !!) and you will see that your house will become more immediately more desirable in the market and you will begin to receive more phone calls than you received before to “study” your target market, your “competitors”!You already have some reflection to do, right?

But let’s change the subject …
In recent months, I have seen dozens of properties for sale in Weston, some very beautiful, I have to be honest … However, there are always too many in proportion those who do not value their homes before putting them on sale and collide with a row of potential increasingly demanding buyers. I assure you that with a little effort and good will and without spending some kind of money, your house can “earn many points” in the eyes of a buyer!!

So, after seeing how to “price” the house, let’s talk about the second “Fatal Error” …
Imagine the damage that you inflict when you do not eliminate the small defects of your home: peeling paint, crackles in the walls, general cleaning tiles, bathrooms and dilapidated sanitary, “special” smells, that know … smoke, little light (not even raised twilight, lights out), disorder, etc.
Before showing someone home to sell it, at least from a generalized, with the most ‘light possible and deodorizes a minimum environment (or at least do not cook broccoli !!!). Think if I went to a first date with a beautiful woman and she would present herself all sweaty, with crumpled hair, with untidy, dirty, “not perfumed” nails and with torn clothes …
What would you think?
Oh God, and where did she run off? Here it is for the house is more or less like that! So I advise you to do all those small repairs necessary (you know which: replacement bulbs, various cleaning, rearrangement of environments, etc , then leverage all objects too private if excess (I know, photos, cups, trinkets various ), make sure that the light is always at maximum, also turn on the lights during the day, if necessary and the shutter pulls on all, quiet, you will not have cramps in your hands!
If necessary, restore the painting, remove any stains, crevices … In short, you understand, make a small makeover, spend a few tens of dollars, do you have a fairly important goal or not? When people come in then, we said that the house must be lit at most, clean, without bad smells (like garlic, onion, kebab … you know?), Must be at its peak!
Ok, I hope I also gave you some food for thought about this error …

But let’s get to the sore notes, the most “creative” part, the publicity! So, let’s see if I guess!
You went into tobacco, you bought a nice sign “for sale” and you attached it to the lawn, at most you said it to the neighbor chatter (so does the word of mouth with the neighborhood) and then? The most total nothingness? Not even a shred of phone call received? But look a bit! Did you also believe in fairies and Santa? Welcome to 2019!
Well, know that today you cannot passively wait for the buyers to come to you because they are the Kingdom of Heaven! Okay, come on, do not be offended, but what do you think I mean? That at a time when there are 1 million homes for sale and buyers are 7, perhaps it is appropriate to go hunting for those “magnificent 7 by any means …
Right or not?
And by any means, I mean just with anything you can think of:
– Flyers
– Brochures
– Sales letter
– Posters
– Events (such as fairs, seminars, theme meetings …)
– “Profiled” mailing list
– Social network
– “Scientific” word of mouth
– Sector magazines
– So on and so forth!

“All this stuff I have to do to sell a house?” Excuse me, what did you think, that we Real Estate Agents during the day comb the dolls? 🙂 Very well, it seems to me that even for this error, “some idea” to sell you first home I gave you …


Driiiiin: “Hi I call for the house for sale, when can I come and see it?”;
and you with the tachycardia: “in half an hour it could be fine …”, right?
Nooooo, not even for a dream, so ‘doing risk of getting into the house only: throngs of curious, tourists, time wasters, sometimes even malicious.

Waste time, mental and physical energy and put a strain on your patience and your moral qualities!
How to avoid it?
Simple, ASK ON THE PHONE to qualify a minimum those people …
What house are you looking for?
How many are there in your family ?
What is the indispensable thing / things that must have your home?
What are the characteristics that the house must not have?
Do you have to sell first to buy or already have the necessary budget available?
Calculate that with these 5 simple questions (even if you could do many more), you will save at least 80% of various time losses …
Translated: you do not care that inside your home enter 50 curious, it is enough that 7/8 people enter really interested, and one of them buy!!!

Can you fit as a suggestion, what do you say?
We have now managed to put the house for sale at the right price after having settled it properly, we have advertised it, we have received several visits and there is a gentleman (the last one who came yesterday who is interested …

But how “and now?”
You’re standing in front of the door line, the door is empty … what are you doing, you’re faint?
Are you pulling back? Do you lose concentration in the hour of truth?
Usually, I will never tire of repeating it … Ask, ask, ask!

In this case, obviously the question will be whether you want to buy your house or not, you do not have to be afraid of “losing” a potential buyer just for fear of asking, otherwise risk going to see another house, the owner makes the fateful question and …

PUFF, lost buyer, just what you did not want!

There are 2 possible answers to your question:
a) YES = BINGO, you sold, easy, no? (there is a whole legal process to follow, but we will talk about it another time);
b) NO …

Again, ask!
“For what reason?”, So you realize the problems of your home and make assessments or correct defects.

It’s all here, it’s not harder than that, I assure you!

So review all 5 “episodes” that I told you, try to exploit them as much as possible and you will see that your chances of selling home in reasonable time will increase; so while the others will continue to cry that there is a crisis, that the houses are not sold, that the banks do not give loans, that there is no more work, that once it was better, blah, bla, bla …

You have already sold your home and you can enjoy the proceeds as you see fit, in their face!!! I just wish you the best for you, your loved ones and of course make you my best “good luck” for the sale of your home …

PS: If you need HELP! Don’t forget. I’m here and can help you with our knowledge and experience. Contact us.



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