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Home staging as a real estate marketing strategy

Home staging as a real estate marketing strategy

Nowadays, when the buildings were sold “on paper”, with the market crisis, the situation has changed to present a quantity of unsold products, often not only completed in every part, but also products of finishing medium-high level: floors, walls, doors, sanitary …

Yet even in small numbers and with greater attention people continue to buy.What makes the difference between an “easy” property to sell and a “difficult” one?
Only the valuation strategies adopted are decisive. A crisis situation makes the importance of a wise use of REAL ESTATE MARKETING even more evident.

By acting on the levers of the marketing mix, or the combination of tools made available to achieve their business objectives, it is possible to offer and build value on the property and consequently on the promotion of the property itself.

Sometimes it is enough, at least apparently, “little” to be effective: as a professional photo shoot and designed specifically for the web that manages to attract the interest of the buyer.

A small investment becomes essential, but this corresponds to a great result, namely the sale of the property itself.
In order to make the most of our immobile “product” and make it suitable for a targeted photo shoot, home staging becomes necessary …. and that is?

Home staging is nothing more than the refined art of preparing the home for sale, taking care of its presentation in detail: a recipe less obvious than one might believe.

Home Staggers identify three simple steps through which to achieve this goal:

1) Defining and enhancing spaces;
2) Invest a small and acceptable sum;
3) Create the right atmosphere to “create emotion”.

Enhance the Product
For the purposes of sale, in defining and enhancing spaces, it is good practice to choose furniture that enhances the characteristics of the building and not the other way around. It is always the real estate product to be the protagonist, leaving sofas, armchairs, tables and chairs a role only marginal, but designed to enhance the potential of the structure. So you can show the house at best and at the same time without distracting the buyer’s attention from its real characteristics. A transparent and profitable marketing strategy for both those who sell and those who buy, which often has difficulty imagining the structure to the maximum of its

Reduced investment
The investment necessary to set up the interior in order to enhance and enhance the characteristics of the property should not discourage the seller from using this type of marketing strategy. In fact, the necessary expense is particularly reduced compared to the considerable costs of one’s unsold good over time.

The atmosphere to create emotion
The home stager uses free standing and evergreen elements and complements that will complete the presentation: fabrics, ornaments, colors, lights and even perfumes to engage all the senses of the possible buyer and to communicate that this property in particular is an excellent candidate for become “home”.



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